HOFD Sound

  • Created by: 13boneo
  • Created on: 01-02-19 12:31


Opening Sequence

  • Diegetic sounds of people marching low in the mix implies that the police force has a lot of soldiers at their disposal and is also a very regimented career. Similarly, it helps establish the ancient setting because modern police officers are not expected to march whilst on patrol.
  • The diegetic jingling of Mei's headwear sounds similar to a wind chime, thus reflecting her serenity and natural beauty. It is also juxtaposed with the diegteic laughter of the other showgirls because it sounds neither sickofantic/forced nor disruptive.
  • The strumming of the string instruments and chiming of the bells creates a score in itself, meaning the score is diegetic and created on-screen rather than in post. This highlights the talents of the showgirls and reaffirms their positions as entertainers because they have multiple ways of impressing others.
  • Throughout the scene, sound is generally associated with movement; Mei's headwear jingles delicately, a bell is rung during the tug of war and the diegetic score introduces Mei's dancing. These combine to give the brothel a chaotic atmosphere rather than a tranquil one. This disorder is reflected in the mix of the sequence, which is continually changing.

Echo Game

  • The sound perspective changes as Jin is dragged away by


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