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 Opening Sequence

  • The background used during the title sequence emulates calligraphy paper and the font is created through brushstrokes. The ink for the titling is a bright red, connoting sex and/or danger. In this instance, both appear in the film. The title itself is written in Traditional Chinese, which introduces the ancient setting.
  • Soldiers in the police station are dressed in a dark, unsaturated uniform which suggests their workplace is disciplined and creates a visual contrast with the vivid costumes of the Peony Pavillion. In addition, the red embellishments on the their uniforms are symbolic of the blood spilt throughout the film, which has a very high body count.
  • The showgirls of the Peony Pavillion wear vibrant dresses and flowers in their hair which represent the name they have taken, giving them each an individual but lavish costume. Their costumes are also reflective of how they are dressed to please, as they work in a brothel.
  • Doll-like, youthful make up gives Mei a perfect and doll-like appearance and also conforms with the Eastern tradition of wearing white make up on and artificially whitening the skin. White skin is viewed as equating to beauty but also reflects one's economic status; those engaged in less labour were paler and therefore richer than the darker workers in the fields.

Echo Game Sequence

  • The Peony Pavillion is characterised by traditional Chinese architecture; it is filled with many columns, windows and appears


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