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How do I add subjects?

Click on ‘Edit my subjects’. Add the subjects you are studying, and relevant exams will appear below. You can check through the exams and remove those you won’t be taking. If you’re not sure which exams you’ll be taking yet don’t worry, this can be edited later.

How do I know which exams I’ll be studying?

Whatever you do, don’t guess. Check with your teachers for the exam board and exact exams you’ll be sitting. Don’t include exams in your study planner until you’re absolutely certain you’ve got them right.

How do I find my exam code?

Every paper has a unique code. You’ll find these beside the exam titles in the exam menu of the study planner. If you are adding an exam manually you don’t have to include the exam code. 

Why do you need to know my place of study?

Would you like to compare your study patterns with classmates at your school or college? We hope to be offering this soon so we’re collecting the information now to make it easier for you when we launch the feature.

How many hours should I spend studying?

It depends on you as an individual, so talk to your teacher about what will suit you. Most schools suggest the following:

GCSE: Between one and two hours per week, per subject.

A Level: Three to four hours per week, per subject.

Degree: This will depend on your degree, so it is best to consult your tutor. The average amount of time to study outside of lectures is 30-35 hours.

How do I prioritise my subjects?

From the main planner page, click ‘Edit my subjects’ on the right hand side. Then click through using the ‘Save and continue’ buttons at the bottom of the windows, until your reach ‘Prioritise my subjects’, where you see will see sliders for each subject.

Leaving all sliders in the centre indicates that you want to spend an equal amount of time on revision for all your exams. Move the slider to the right to spend more time on that subject, and to the left to spend less time on that subject. Moving the slider affects the calculation of revision time for all your exams because the more you spend on one, the less is available to spend on others.

The study planner will take your priorities into account when calculating your study sessions.

How do I delete study sessions?

Click on the session in the timetable and a pop up for that study session will appear. In the top right corner there is a cross you can click to delete this session.

How do I change the colour of study sessions?

Click on the session in the study planner. The pop up will have a colour palette which you can choose from. Choose your colour then scroll down and click ‘save and continue’. This will change the colour of all the study sessions for that subject.

How do I add commitments?

Click the green ‘Commitments’ box above the study planner and a pop up will appear for you to fill in.  Your commitments will appear listed underneath the study planner. To delete a commitment, simply click on its time slot and click the top right hand cross in the pop up.

How do I print my planner?

At the top right underneath ‘Edit my subjects’ is a Printable PFD button. Click this to download your planner as a pdf and print.

How do I set notifications?

You can receive notifications by email or PM for commitments, deadlines and study sessions. This can be set up either when you first create the session, or later by clicking on the time slot within the calendar.  In the pop up, just below the notes box, there is a ‘Notify me before this starts’ option. Click to ‘Yes’ then add how many minutes before you would like to be notified, and the method (email or PM).

How do I get resource recommendations?

Click on the study session in the calendar to get that study session’s pop up. Scroll down and beneath the notes you will find useful and recommended resources for that subject.

I want to edit the number of hours I’m using to study

You can edit your hours at any time, just click the main blue ‘Study sessions’ button at the top of the planner. The pop up will allow you to increase or decrease the hours you are spending on studying and the planner will automatically update to accommodate the changes.

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