Usage guidelines

There are lots of opportunities to work with other students on Get Revising. You can rate and comment on resources, ask questions and discuss live with students just like you.

We believe that working together is a brilliant way to learn.

But all our users need to be aware of some basic rules of communicating online. Following these will help you get the most of working with others while keeping you safe at the same time.

Ten rules for Get Revising

  1. Never give out personal details like email addresses, passwords or phone numbers.
  2. Never agree to meet anyone in person that you have met on Get Revising.
  3. Remember that you can never be totally sure who someone is when you're communicating online.
  4. Keep your discussions to issues about learning, revision and exams.
  5. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, leave the discussion immediately.
  6. Contact us straight away if you feel another user is behaving inappropriately.
  7. Never say anything that may hurt or upset other users of Get Revising.
  8. Remember that we are watching the live discussions and will ban anyone who we think is behaving inappropriately.
  9. Never discuss exams like ISAs and EMPAs that students take over a period of several months. Exam boards consider this to be cheating.
  10. Never discuss any written exam until 24 hours afterwards. This is because students in other parts of the world are in different time zones and may take the exam some time after you.