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Opening Sequence

  • Jin appears more dishevelled and relaxed than Leo, as his uniform is not fully complete and he is casually drinking tea. They immediately have more identity than the anonymous soldiers under their command, and this differentiation indicates that they are in charge.
  • The showgirls of the Peony Pavillion behave in a sickofantic, submissive way that reinforces Jin as their superior, being the customer. The audience would recognise that feudal China therefore is a patriarchal society.
  • Madam walks as though her feet have been bound, meaning she conforms with the practice from ancient, rural China which was a way of controlling the female population. Bound feet are also a symbol of beauty.
  • The absence of an eyeline match between Mei and whoever she is speaking to creates the impression that she is blind. This is emphasised by her hesitation and the fact that she feels with her arms.

Echo Game

  • The women in the audience which gathers before the game begins chatter excitedly, implying they are accustomed


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