HOFD Notes Cinematography

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Opening Sequence

  • The opening shot of the film shows soldiers taking their swords, immediately establishing its historical setting. It is also reminiscent of 'suiting up' sequences, suggesting to the audience that a fight scene is imminent.
  • A long shot shows the geography of the police department, which is symmetrically arranged with the important characters in the foreground. The highly-structured environment connotes discipline and formality.
  • Upon entering the Peony Pavillion, the lead actor becomes the centre of attention; he is literally surrounded by women and similarly the centre of the frame. This characterises him as both likeable and important.

Echo Game Sequence

  • All the cinematography in this sequence is in aid of servicing the echo game, which plays out across quite a large area geographically and at a fast pace.
  • The camerawork predominantly mirrors movement on-screen during this sequence. Once Mei's dance starts, for instance, the camera never stops


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