Main Film studies notes

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  • - French word 
  • means camera work 
  • how a shot is photographed 


  • key light -shows the audience the actor 
  • front light - creates a flat look 
  • backlight - creates a witness protection look 
  • 45° light - shows the face as flat (one side of the face is dark)


  • high angle - above eye level 
  • low angel - looks below their eye level 
  • canted angle (dutch angel) - slightly turned, can unsettle the audience


  • Camera movement - refers to how the director moves the camera in a production 
  • Tracking shot - is moving the camera forward and backward 
  • sideways tracking shot - moving of the object in a production (walking)
  • zoom - zooming in and out of a shot 
  • Arc show - going around the character 
  • crane shot - going up really high in a shot 
  • panning shot - on a tripod, moves around an area 
  • handheld - creates the feel of watching from someone else perspective 
  • tilt shot - moving up & down in one spot 


  • Extreme long shot - good for setting the area 
  • Establishing/ long shot - see the whole body 
  • medium shot - the hip upshot 
  • close up - for facial expression 
  • extreme close up - close up on a certain body part (i.e. their eye)


Rule of thirds:

  • Shallow focus - only part of the image is in focus (the audience can only focus on one thing) 
  • deep focus - everything is in focus (the audience can choose what to focus on) 


  • A French term for "everything in the frame 
  • this makes up: 
    • Settings (time & place)
    • Props 
    • Costume (including hair & makeup)


  • Editing is the process of cutting and assembling film footage to produce a finished product 
  • role of editor = organizing transitions between shots, making decisions with


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