HOFD Editing

  • Created by: 13boneo
  • Created on: 01-02-19 12:37


Opening Sequence

  • Shot-reverse-shot between the police officers conforms with the traditional A-B style and also includes prolonged reaction shots, giving both characters about the same amount of screentime. This ensures they appear as equals.
  • The lack of edits before Madam reveals the top showgirl is blind builds anticipation for the audience because being blind and a performer can be seen as oxymoronic.
  • The shot length increases when Jin unsheaths his sword. This creates empathy for Mei because she is unarmed and therefore vulnerable in this instance.
  • Rapid shots of pieces of clothing as Jin cuts Mei's costume reflect how startle she is and also obscure the audience's ability to tell if she is unharmed.

Echo Game

  • During the game itself, match-on-action editing is used whenever Mei beats the drums with her sleeves. This not only enables the audience to follow the action, but characterises Mei as both opulent and powerful, as her


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