Sound in Film

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  • Sound in Film
    • Diegetic sounds
      • vocal and ambient sounds the character can hear on and off screen
    • Non-diegetic sound
      • sound which doesn't come from world of narrative, rare in documentary films
    • Contrapuntal sound
      • sound which contrasts strongly with the visuals on screen
    • Parallel sound
      • sounds that match the scene eg happy music for happy scene
    • Asynchronous sounds
      • sounds which don't correspond with the visual, eg music from next scene may begin playing
    • Foley sound
      • everyday sounds recorded post-production to enhance sounds
    • Vocal sounds
      • dialogue between characters or narration-storytelling effect
    • Environmental sounds
      • background noises present in a setting eg birds
    • Silence
      • captivating, can be used for many different purposes and interpretations
    • Sound Effects
      • artificially created sounds which emphasize something in film
    • Multitrack
      • three key elements (voice, sound, music) layered to create emotion
    • Music
      • used to establish genre and created emotion


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