Amy impact of digital technology

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  • Amy- Digital Technology
    • Incorporates the use of digital computer
      • Departure from using celluloid cameras away from traditional methods of film making
    • Portable Digital Camera
      • Light small and relatively cheap
      • Carried easily and work from batteries-disposable
      • Can create high resolution images
      • Valuable to documentary film makers who may want to film events as they happen or use the footage which has already been shot by somebody else.
        • Productivity of digital cameras allows things to always be filmed
      • 'Amy' has been constructed by digital archival footage
        • Drone shots- Funeral shots
        • Digital recording of Tony Bennett is a digital camera
        • Can gather from loads of sources
        • Allowed it to be edited
        • Intimate portrayal of Amy, almost authentic
        • The documentary could NOT EXIST without digital technology
    • Digital sound recording
      • Allows sound recordists to record sounds in V.high quality
      • Allows them to reproduce sound and create effects easily
      • Recording of Back to Black- acapella to digital
        • Full powerful,rich sound a strong affect
      • Valerie and Holy war
      • The performance @ the Eden Project- shown in a bad light
    • Non-Linear Digital Editing
      • Allows film makers to reproduce footage V.easily and make non-destructive edits
      • Quick;y and Easily assemble footage and alter
      • Add affects, captions, camera movements and image alterations
    • Impact
      • It had had a huge impact and affect on Amy- The answer is so clear cut


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