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Build a weekly home school timetable

Our smart (and free!) home schooling timetable builds a personalised weekly plan in under five minutes. It works for every level including primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level, and is perfect for temporary home schooling. Other activities and commitments can be added and changed whenever you want. You can even add topics and resources to each study session. Once completed, the timetable can be saved, printed and displayed.

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Home education resources

Get Revising has over 416,000 free learning resources covering every subject, many of them teacher recommended for your peace of mind. Your children can easily and confidently find out about any topic in the way that best suits them. They’re perfect for teaching your children about different learning styles and finding the most suitable, from visual learning with mindmaps to game-based learning with quizzes.

Checking learning

Children can check their own learning using Get Revising’s smart testing tools. They can create and solve crosswords and mindmaps, make quizzes and even test themselves on notes and cards. Can they get faster at solving that crossword? Can they get a higher score on a quiz than their friends? How do their results compare to others’?

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