Pan's Labyrinth Notes Sound

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Pan's Labyinth SOUND

Opening Sequence

During the shots set in the underworld, a non-diegetic, heavenly choral score rises in the mix. This is significant because not only does it give the kingdom a sacred, magical atmosphere, but likens Princess Moanna's rise from the underworld to overworld to ascending to heaven, suggesting she views the world above as a paradise. This is ironic, however, as we learn the Princess suffered "cold, sickness and pain" in the human world, eventually dying there.

Ofelia's wonder at the world around her is made obvious by a non-diegetic score, consisting largely of piano and in major key, which rises in the mix as she wanders off during the forest sequence. This reflects her interest in her surroundings as oppose to her mother.

The diegetic ticking of a watch bridges between the end of the shots in the forest and the beginning of those in the outpost, meaning we hear Vidal's watch before we see it. The ticking is dominant in the mix as it introduces not only the character of Vidal but his obsession with time.

First Bedtime Sequence

The opening of this scene is accompanied by the diegetic crackling of a fire. Usually, this would connote warmth and comfort, but the fact it remains low in the mix suggests unrest, especially in Ofelia. This is further emphasised when the diegetic creaking of the house makes Ofelia wary compared to her mother, perhaps implying that fairytales have made her paranoid.

Diegetic insect noises during the build up to the shooting scene make the night seem relatively peaceful, only for this to be interrupted by the diegetic sound of glass stabbing flesh and gunshots. These sounds are contrasted by how


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