Henry VIII - Key countries in forgeign Policy +Timeline

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1512: England joins Spain in an alliance against Spain.

1513: Emperor Maximilian joins Ferdinand, Henry and Papacy against France

            August - Battle of Spurs and capture of Therouanne

            September - Earl of Surrey leads a crushing victory over the scots of Flodden

            September - Tournai captured

1514: Henry Makes peace with France

1515: Accession of Frances I as King of France

1516: Princess Mary Born

1518: The treaty of London signed marking the centre piece of Wolsey’s peace-making

1519: Charles V elected Holy Roman Emperor

1520: May - Henry meets Charles V in England

            June - Henry and Francis meet at the field of cloth and Gold

            July - Henry meets Charles at Calais

1521: Wolsey visits Charles V at Bruges; Agreement reaches for joint invasion of France

1523: English army under Suffolk lands at Calais. Siege at Boulogne abandoned to make an attack on Paris. The attack fails as winter sets in

1525: February - Battle of Pavia, Imperial forces defeat the French. Francis I captured

            August - Henry makes peace with France

1527: April - Offensive alliance against Charles V signed with France

1528: England and France declare war on Charles V

1529: July - Legatine Court presiding over the great Matter adjourned

            August - Treaty of Cambrai seals peace between Charles V and Francis I

            October - Wolsey Dismissed

1533: Diplomatic links made with Lutheran Princes

1536: January - Catherine of Aragon Dies

            May - Ann Boleyn executed

1537: Prince Edward Born

1538: Papal bull of deprivation deposing Henry VIII

            Peace of Nice secures tone-year truce between Charles V and Francis I

1538/39: Purge of White Rose Party carried out

1540: January - Henry marries Ann of Cleves. Marriage remains unconsummated

            July - Cromwell Executed. Henry marries Catherine Howard

1542: Henry declares war on Scotland

            November - English army defeats the scots at Solway Moss



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