Timeline of Henry VIII's foreign policy

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Henry VIII's foreign policy


Blue- Result of Thomas Wosley

Black- Result of Henry VII

Red- Result of other foreign influence

1508- Treaty of Cambrai

1511- Formed by Pope Julius II between Spain, Venice and England to manitain balance of power, hoped French influence in Northen Italy might be weakened. Holy League

1512- Henry declared war on France

1512- Ferdinand seized Navarre and made serperate peace with France after a disastrious Gascon campaign led by Dorset

1513- French campaign launched

1513- Henry won the Battle of Spurs

1513- Henry seized French towns of Tournai and Therouanne

1513- Scottish army defeated by Earl of Surrey at the Battle of Flodden

1514- Anlgo-French Treaty formed. French paid an incrased


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