War of Roses/ Tudors, Lancastrians, Yorkists Timeline and useful notes

Useful tables comparing the foreign policy, financial policy, government, nobility, and general facts about each king and their success as king, including dates, historical quotes, facts and  figures. Good Luck! 

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The fact that Henry's Henry VI was engaged in a In 1415, during the reign of Henry VI inherited the throne Provided an heir however signs
Henry VI Grandfather was a usurper to the number of expensive wars (e.g. Henry V, England were in when he was just 9 months old Act of Accord in October 1460,
throne split the nobility and Battle of Castillion in 1453), possession of the north of France the government was well run by disinheriting his son Edward and
"A King for whom the word caused a series of civil battles
which drained his finances. It (from the river Loire upwards, the regency council during his declaring Richard Duke of York as
and unrest in England/ He
incompetence is a pale inherited a warweary can be argued that, the necessity including Paris, Calais, infancy. his heir to the Throne.
impoverished country. of wars, was because of his father Aquitaine & Rouen), Bordeaux Henry's failure to provide Weak Personality/ Poor Soldier/
reflection of the grisly
On the Other hand, Henry who fuelled battles with France which is on the west coast of leadership at the centre of Poor leadership (e.g. Margaret of
reality."Christine himself mismanaged his nobility over land, and his grandfather France and the English were in government left a power vacuum Anjou led his Lancastrian Army,
by having favourites (Duke of
Carpenter. Suffolk & Duke of Somerset)
Henry of Bolingbroke who alliance with Burgundy. that members of the nobility at and suffered mentally in 1453, fled
which in turn alienated other usurped Richard II to the throne, In 1445, Henry's marriage to court attempted to fill this during Cade's Revolt in 1450.)
nobles (Richard Duke of York). causing a split in the nobility Margaret of Anjou, niece of instability was heightened by Henry was a weak and vacillating
"What was wrong with
Over mighty subjects formed (House of York and Lancaster) Charles VII king of France, was the fact that until 1453 Henry monarch, easily dominated by his
Henry VI was not positive (e.g. Duke of Suffolk accused of which led to a series of civil an attempt to strengthen foreign had no heir to the throne. advisors, by the nobility and by
bad rule which could have insatiable covetise, and Duke of wars. power and reinforce the English The tense political situation his strongwilled, formidable wife
York rebelled against Henry VI
provoked removal, but However it is clear that he failed claim to the French throne (this finally reached breaking point Margaret of Anjou.
and put so much pressure onto
Henry that in October 1460, to accumulate enough finances at was due to Edward III's claim to with two events in 1453: (1) His irrational decision making
negative lack of rule from Henry signed the Act of Accord a sufficient rate (e.g. only issued the French throne. assuming the The French humiliatingly often had dire consequences (e.g.
which disunity proclaiming Richard heir to the 21 Acts of Attainder, and title "King of France and the defeated the English at the his apparent decision to punish
throne.) reversed them all, he was over French Royal Arms" which Battle of Castillon, ending the Kent for the death of the Duke of
grew."Carpenter The Duke of Suffolk was later
generous to his subjects, giving effectively started the Hundred Hundred Years war (2) Henry Suffolk led to Cade's Revolt.)
impeached and executed on the
charge of treason for returning them many crown lands, which Years War.) However this had a mental breakdown and was He had a good claim to the throne,
Maine and Anjou to the French. decreased his own income.) By marriage had an almost opposite unable to communicate. as his father was king.
The return of these lands angered the end of his reign he was in effect on what it was supposed to Henry was unable to regain
English magnates and was £372,000 debt. achieve, instead Queen Margaret control when he recovered
unpopular with the English put pressure on Henry VI to physically in 1455 the court
return land to France on behalf of was dominated by his wife, who
Henry VI was usurped by the
noble son of Richard Duke of her uncle the French King, in was locked in rivalry with
York, Edward. addition to this, instead of Richard Duke of York.
Charles VII paying a customary In 1459 the Parliament of Devils
dowry for Henry's marriage to was held. This was a declaration
Margaret it was decided that that Yorkists were traitors by
Henry would return Maine and Lancastrian nobles at Coventry.
Anjou to France in the Treaty of
Tours, this agreement was kept a
secret from the English populace
and parliament. Upon discovery
of the treaty, the Duke of Suffolk,
who had negotiated the marriage,
was scapegoated, impeached and
Two humiliating defeats,
Formigny in 1450 and Castillon
in 1453, helped push the
English out of Aquitaine and
Normandy. By 1461 during the
reign of Henry VI only Calais, a

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Northern coast
of France remained in Henry's
Initially Edward was highly When he becomes king, throne is in debt His marriage to Elizabeth Edward relied heavily on He was a good
Edward IV First Reign supported by Warwick, however a as a result of predecessor.…read more

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Wales) and on the same night Henry duties and stamp out corruption and
VI was killed himself. In addition to abuses in 1473 and 1474.
instinct in the this Margaret of Anjou fled. However Trade treaties with Hanseatic League in
second reign he did not get rid of Henry Tudor who 1473, France in 1475 (Treaty of
for the vital lived in Brittany.…read more

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Sir William Collingbourne), it read He was unlucky not only in the fact
"the Catte, the Ratte and Lovell our that he was accused of killing his
dogge, rulyth all Englande under a nephews, but also in the fact that
hogge." his only son and heir died in 1484,
Reverses 99 out of 100 Acts of followed by his wife in 1485, whom
Attainder. he was also accused of killing.…read more

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Faces serious threats in the form of Like Edward IV and Richard III Henry absorbed into France and Anne marries Despite this he ruled he too in doing this was
pretenders and the nobles and foreign uses Royal Chamber as a financial Charles VIII of France in 1491. without much influence commissioning the crown
of Henry V, but he
powers supporting them supporting them. institution, bypassing the Exchequer.…read more


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