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Wolsey born in
Ipswich, son of a
Henry Timeline Wolsey appointed
Royal Almoner
butcher, gained a 1501: 21st April: Henry VII
scholarship to Arthur, Prince of Wales
1503: Dies
Oxford and Catherine of th
Pope Julius II grants 11 June: Henry VIII
Aragon married Marries Catherine Of
1491: dispensation for
Henry VIII born at Henry and Catherine' Aragon
Greenwich Palace s betrothal 23rd June: Henry VIII
becomes King
1502: 1510:
Arthur dies Wolsey appointed a
1485: Wolsey made Royal Councillor
Henry VII becomes Chaplain to March: Truce with
King of England after 1498: Archbishop Deane France renewed
defeating Richard III at Wolsey of Canterbury August: Empson and
the Battle of Bosworth Ordained as Dudley Executed
Wolsey appointed
a priest chaplain to Henry VII…read more

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1512: Wolsey comes
to prominence 1518: 1521:
February: War with Wolsey Appointed Legate a Latere and Wolsey forms the Treaty of
France and Scotland Bishop of Bath and Wells Bruges with Charles V,
England joins Spain in Treaty of London signed, marking the agreeing a joint invasion of
an alliance against centrepiece of Wolsey's peace-making France
France 1514: Henry VIII writes Assertio
Wolsey appointed Bishop of Septem Sacramentorun (In
Lincoln and Archbishop of York Defence of the Seven
Henry makes peace with Sacraments) against Luther.
1513: - Wolsey organises Henry 1516:
VIII's successful expedition to 1515: Princess Mary born
France. Wolsey made a 1520:
Emperor Maximilian (Germany) Cardinal by May: Henry meets Charles V in
joins Ferdinand (Spain), Henry, Pope Leo X and England
and the Papacy against France. Lord Chancellor June: Henry and Francis I meet at
August: Battle of the Spurs, by Henry VIII the Field of Cloth of Gold- no
capture of Tournai (France) Francis I actual alliance, but put pressure of
September: Earl of Surrey leads accession to Charles to ally with Henry
Battle of Flodden, victory over French throne July: Henry meets Charles V at
the Scots Calais, which is under English rule…read more

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1523: 1528:
English army lands at Calais, under Suffolk. Siege of England and France
Boulogne abandoned to make an attack on Paris, declare war on Charles V
which fails due to the cold winter weather. Cardinal Campeggio arrives
in England, sent by the
1527: April: Diplomatic Revolution; offensive alliance Pope to try Henry's case,
formed with France against Charles V having been told to try and
Henry commits himself to Anne Boleyn and decides to delay the process.
seek an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon
Charles V sacks Rome and imprisons Pope Clement
February: Battle of Pavia; Imperial 1529:
forces defeat the French, Francis I June: Legatine court begins to try Henry's case
captured July: Legatine Court presiding over the Great
August: Henry makes peace with Matter adjourned, case recalled to Rome,
France therefore Wolsey has failed.
Failure of the Amicable Grant (tax for October: Wolsey dismissed as Lord Chancellor
a war), leading to widespread unrest November: Reformation Parliament meets. Acts
passed reducing probate and mortuary fees and
Wolsey appointed Archbishop of
attacking pluralities and non-residences
Durham, in exchange for Bath and
Wells…read more

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1530: 1533: Diplomatic links made with
Thomas Cromwell Lutheran Princes
Act for the Dissolution of
joins Henry VIII's January: Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
the Lesser Monasteries
council secretly marry
Cromwell issues issued first
November: Wolsey March: Thomas Cranmer appointed
set of Royal injunctions
dies at Leicester Archbishop of Canterbury
January: Catherine Of
Abbey, on his way to May: Cranmer annuls Henry's marriage to
Aragon Dies
be tried for Catherine
May: Anne Boleyn Executed
praemunire (putting September: Anne gives birth to Elizabeth
October: Pilgrimage of
the Papacy before November: The Holy Maid of Kent,
Henry) Elizabeth Barton executed
1532: May-July: Leading Carthusians, Fisher
May: Submission of the Clergy, and More are executed
followed by the resignation of Valour Ecclesiasticus, the Royal
Thomas More from his post as visitation of the monasteries
Lord Chancellor 1534:
1531: Thomas Cromwell appointed King's Vice Gerent in Spirituals,
Convocation (meeting of the giving him day-to-day control of the Church
Clergy) agree to Henry VIII Treasons Act passed through Parliament, making it unlawful to
becoming Head of the Church in oppose the King in deeds or words.
England as far as Christ's Law November: Second Parliamentary session; Acts of Supremacy.
allows Act annexing First Fruits and Tenths to the Crown. Treasons…read more

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October: Prince 1542:
Edward born/ death of Henry declares war on Scotland
Jane Seymour 1539:
Catherine Howard executed
Bishops' Book Purge of White Rose Party
November: English army defeats the
(Institution of a continues
Scots at Solway Moss
Christian Man) Act for the Dissolution of the December: James V of Scotland dies,
Published Greater Monasteries
leaving the infant Mary as heir
Act of Six Articles, outlining the
beliefs of the English Church
Papal bull of deprivation deposing Henry
VIII 1540:
Peace of Nice secures ten year truce January: Henry VIII marries
between Charles V and Francis I Anne of Cleaves; the
Purge of White Rose Party carried out marriage remains
First official English Bible published unconsummated
(Known as the Matthew Bible) July: Cromwell executed.
Cromwell issues Second Royal July: Henry marries
Injunctions Catherine Howard…read more

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1544: Wolsey Great Matter
English invasion of Northern
Scotland Domestic Policy Wives
September: Boulogne taken by
English army Foreign Policy Reformation
French attempt to invade England fails
Act vesting chantry property in the Crown
Henry declares war on France
The King's Book published 1547:
Act of the Advancement of the January: Henry VIII dies
True Religion Peace agreement between
Attempts to remove Cranmer England and France at Ardres
fail Gardiner excluded from the
July: Treaty of Greenwich Council
signed with Scotland
July: Henry marries Catherine
Parr, a Reformist…read more


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