Tudors- Timeline of events 1509-1534 (Domestic & Foreign Policy)

Tried to make it consise as possible, majority are key events, some are just there to give you an idea of the situation in the court/foreign affairs etc... Got an A in my Tudor module, found timeline's helped a lot :)

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Timeline of events 15091534

1509 Henry VII dies and King Henry VIII succeeds to the throne, court is unaware of Henry VII's death for three
days to prevent any challenge to Henry VIII's claim.
1511 Henry gets court's approval to go to war with France, Henry is still very young…

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1532 After tireless persuasion from Henry VIII parliament grants Henry title `Supreme Head of the Church of
England as far as the law of Christ allows...' later the `as far as the law of Christ allows' is removed to give Henry
ultimate freedom and to ensure that no one can…




This is actually a good revision source. However, it should be noted that Wolsey didn't take his own life. He actually died of illness on the way to trial.

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