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Henry VIII
Authority, Nation and Religion
1509-1540…read more

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Orange = The Tudor Dynasty/The pre-Reformation Church
in England
Red = The role of Wolsey
Green = Foreign Policy
Purple = Henry's Changing relations with the Catholic
Church: The break with Rome Part 1
Burgundy = Henry's Changing relations with the Catholic
Church: The break with Rome Part 2
Blue = The dissolution of the monasteries
Pink = How Protestant was England by 1540?…read more

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· Henry VIII becomes King - The Crowns finances are in good health - the localities were by and
large under control- the authority of the Crown had been restored- and ready-made marriage
with Spain awaited for Henry
· Richard Epsom and Edmund Dudley are executed over little evidence of being guilty ­ showing
immediate ruthlessness in Henry's reign ­ their executions marked the beginning of a new era
· 11th June ­ Henry marries Catherine of Aragon ­ a papal dispensation was received for the
marriage to go ahead (as she was previously married to henry's brother Arthur before his
· May ­ Thomas More writes that Henry wishes for `virtue, glory and immortality' rather than `gold
or gems or precious stones'
· At this point, there are roughly 800 religious houses in England
· Wolsey is appointed as Royal Almoner (automatically makes him of the Royal Council) and
Dean of Lincoln ­ because Henry is surrounded by old councilors from his fathers reign and
views them as his fathers men rather than his own, therefore Wolsey was given the chance to
prove his worth to Henry and he took it…read more

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· Henry is tricked into signing a peace settlement with Louis XII, King of France, by Warham
(current lord chancellor) and Fox ­ plans in place for an invasion of France in 1512.
· Wolsey appointed as royal councilor
· March ­ the truce with France is renewed…read more

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· The Holy League (France, Spain, HRE and the papacy) had largely run its course ­ France had
emerged as the strongest power in northern Italy and Louis XII's dominance in that area was
not threatening the independence of the Papal State ­ The pope now changed direction and
put himself at the head of the Holy League to drive France out of Northern Italy…read more

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· England joins Spain in an alliance against France
· Parliament grants the necessary money to wage war and an expeditionary force of 12,000
troops under the command of the Marquis of Dorset was dispatched to Bayonne ­ the plan was
for England to gain control of Aquitaine in southwestern France through a joint Anglo-Spanish
invasion ­ However, Henry was badly let down by Ferdinand ­ who only wanted to use the
English troops as a diversion so that he could capture Navarre
· Naval defeat at Brest ­ caps an ignominious first entry into European affairs for Henry VIII ­
England's first serious continental campaign in 60 years had ended miserably after only a few
months…read more

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