Conservatives 1979-90 Timeline

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British Depth Study Timeline
Election Victories Social Policies
Why was Thatcher a controversial Prime Minister in Domestic Politics? Thatcher and her Ministers Unemployment
Economic Policies Trade Unions
This contributed dramatically to
Despite losing the support of practically
her controversiality as whilst it
the whole of the north who were involved
reduced inflation and improved
in the mining industry Thatcher was also
the economy which gained her
praised in the south for standing up to the
support, she also lost support
Unions which had resulted in many of the Whilst the people who were still
through it as unemployment was
previous Governments failing. in work were experiencing the
reaching figures not seen since Although a few people criticised This second election victory benefits of reducing inflation,
the end of WW2. her as a bloodthirsty warmonger showed that Thatcher was still Miner's Strikes Thatcher lost a lot of support as The Poll Tax was not meant to
Monetarism Policy the majority of the British public popular and despite being criti- many people lost their jobs or This third election victory proves be radical at all, simply a shift in
supported her. The war evoked cised for the high unemploy- had wages slashed. Although once more that despite certain the way tax was paid yet it
It involved privatisation and public memories of Britain's imperial ment and other consequences of As part of Thatcher's Monetarism proved to have disastrous
following its peak criticisms she was doing what
Britain had was gradually sector redundancies which dramatically past and likened Thatcher to her policies the majority of the policy and aim to cut costs she Thatcher lasted consequences for Thatcher and
unemployment levels fell and was best for Britain and as a
becoming weaker and the increased unemployment and resulted Churchill and Boudicea. This country supported her and her closed uneconomical pits which out the strike combined with pressure from
increased her popularity. result the majority of the public
people wanted radical change; in both social and political unrest. As additional support was vital in policies which were making were only open due to being and due to a within her own party it
supported her and kept her in
just what Thatcher promised. Thatcher part of this she considered cuts to the the upcoming 1983 election. Britain rich again. heavily subsidised by taxpayers lack of money Unemployment peaks power. eventually forced her to resign.
introduced her welfare system and privatisation of the money. However this resulted in miners were at 3,408,000
Thatcher becomes PM Monetarism NHS but due to mass opposition she Falklands War Election Victory high unemployment in areas eventually Election Victory End of Thatcher
Policy as a way abandoned these ideas instead forced to return A result of Thatcher's
where entire communities were
The Winter of choosing to contract out parts of the This was the This was due to a People were very This was due to a This was a result of the
to control dependent on the local mine. As a to work after Monetarism policy The recent
Discontent and other Thatcher be- health system. Her monetarism policy result of the Falklands War variety of reasons Thatcher re- unhappy with recent boom in the Poll Tax scheme earlier After several
inflation by result there were strikes organised almost a year of which not only made economic growth
failures of the previous came PM. also increased competition not only in Argentine claim was one and including divisions in mained PM. Thatcher's stock market as well as in the year which had votes Thatcher
restricting the by the NUM and Arthur Scargill striking. many public sector and social
Labour Government industries dominated by previously to ownership of the Islands the Labour Party, the policies and she recent policies to caused public outrage was eventually
supply of money which could have brought the workers redundant but improvements
led to her becoming state-owned monopolies but also in the the Falkland returned to victory of the Falklands lost quite a bit of reduce unemployment. and was losing replaced as PM
and reducing whole country to a standstill had also due to privatisa- that had been
PM as well as promises education system in order to improve Islands which British hands. war and the improving support. However There was also a 2% cut Thatcher a lot of by John Major
Government Thatcher not foreseen the danger tion of state-owned introduced
to control inflation and the standard of education and provide resulted in and Whilst some economic situation. following this it in income tax and support. As a result following her
expenditure. and stockpiled coal before hand. industries which showed Thatcher
the Unions, provide a British industries with a workforce Argentine people criti- more people got Thatcher's recent visit the rest of the party resignation.
This ended in violent clashes meant many of the still cared about
better education and capable of competing with other Invasion and a cised Thatcher jobs and this led to the USSR recognised decided to replace her.
between the miners and the new owners wanted to the people and
health service. industrial countries such as Germany consequential the majority to her election her as a world leader
newly nationalised police force cut costs and fired kept her in
Basically to sum it up which were speeding ahead with counter-invasion were in victory in 1987. and Britain as a world
notably at Orgreave. unnecessary staff. power for the
she promised radical advancements. by Thatcher. support. superpower. next 3 years.
1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990
Thatcher's monetarism policy created a lot of problems with the Unions particularly over pit closures. It also dramatically increased unemployment.
Following a peak in early 1986
The Falklands War played a key role in unemployment started to fall and
Thatcher's election victory of 1983. contributed to her election victory the
following year.



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