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The Crusades ­ A Timeline

Date Event Significance
312 Conversion of Emperor Christianity became the most important religion in
Constantine to Christianity Europe and bagan to spread gradually across the
continent. By c.600AD the majority of the Roman
Empire and its former territories were Christian. By
1000AD most of Russia…

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kingdoms and well established systems of
government in western Europe. These succeeded
the barbarian kingdoms and helped to secure the
position of the Catholic Church. Its influence had
declined by c.1000 due to internal division and
Viking raids.
C9th Two successive pope's Development of the idea of holy war.

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what became known as the Investiture Controversy.
He also developed the idea of holy war by insisting
that all people owed service to God and that this
could be in a military form. He offered remission of
sins to those who fought for him in the Investiture
1074 Gregory…

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1095 Council of Clermont (south Urban gives the speech that launches the First
(27 Nov) France) Crusade. He continues to preach on his tour of
France until September 1096, recruiting a large
number of Crusaders. Bishops and lay preachers
also spread the word.
1096 Peasant's Crusade leaves A mixture of…

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Feb Jerusalem falls to the Fatamids send emissaries to the Crusaders to
Egyptian Fatamids discuss peace and access to Jerusalem.
March Baldwin becomes ruler of The first of the Crusader States.
3 June Antioch falls Bohemond's men able to enter due to treachery of a
city guard. Inhabitants massacred.…

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Duqaq of Domascus at Dog River. He had been
warned of the latter by the Emir of Tripoli.
1101 Defeat of new wave of Emphasises the isolation of the States as there is no
Crusaders in Anatolia safe route for new settlers or pilgrims.
1104 Capture of Acre Part of…

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1128 Zengi becomes emir of Unified this with his own lands around Mosel and
Aleppo sought to expand into Frankish land. Proposed a
jihad and gradually began to unify the Muslim
1131 Melisende becomes Queen Fulk had arrived from Europe in 1129. He
and rules with her husband struggled…

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1149 Battle of Inab Nuredin defeats Raymond of Poitiers, Prince of
Antioch . Raymond is killed. Most of the land
attached to Antioch is lost. Baldwin III marched
north to restore order.
1149 Egyptian caliph dies Next three caliphs all under age leaving the country
weak and vulnerable for 11…

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1181 Truce of 1180 broken by Saladin responds by attacking Galilee.
Reynaud de Chatillon.
1183 Saladin takes Aleppo The last of the major independant towns of Syria.
He now controls the majority of the land to the east
and south of the Crusader States, whilst his
Egyptian fleet dominates the…

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son, Frederick of Swabia. A huge blow to the
crusade, it also allows Saladin to move his forces
south to Acre.

1190 Richard and Philip depart Had been delayed by conflict between the two
July for Holy Land countries and the death of Henry II.
1191 Richard captures Cyprus Will…


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