Specified Books in Homer's Odyssey

Brief questions on the major instances occuring in each of the set Books. Intended as a brief overview to highlight Books that are a bit gappy.

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1. What happens in Book 7?

  • Odysseus secures the favour of Queen Arete and King Alcinous agrees to give him safe passage back to Ithaca and Odysseus tells Alcinous and Arete of his journey from Calypso's island to Scherie
  • Odysseus reveals his identity to the Phaeacians as a way of explaination for his continual weeping at the bard Demodocus' songs of the Trojan War
  • Queen Arete and therefore Alcinous decide that they need further proof of the quality of Odysseus
  • Alcinous rebukes Nausicaa and tells her that she will never a loyal with as a result of her not bringing Odysseus back to the palace herself
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2. What happened in Book 21?

  • Antinous and Eurymachus both succeed in string in the bow to their delight as it proved that they were worthy of taking over as king from Odysseus
  • Eurycleia reveals Odysseus identity to Penelope, who rushes down to Odysseus as soon as she finds out and gives the game away
  • Penelope sets up the contest of the bow and axes to finally choose her Suitor. All of them and Telemachus fail to string the bow. Odysseus tries and succeeds to the horror of the Suitors to string the bow
  • Odysseus falis to string the great bow to his distress because of suffering hardships for the last 20 years

3. What happens in Book 1?

  • Athene visits Telemachus diguised as Mentes, the Taphian Chieftain, to inspire Telemachus to visit Nestor and Menlaus and call and aasembly to get rid of the Suitors
  • Penelope lost her temper with Melantho, one of her maids and sent her into exile
  • Anticlaeia, Odysseus' mother, died from grief at Odysseus' long departure
  • Erycleia has a dream that Odysseus wil return within the next year. This dream is interpretted by Halitherses and he says that this dream will come true. Other omen - two eagles from a mountain and zues sending a clap of thunder - the Suitors reject

4. What happens in Book 8?

  • The Phaeacian Games and Odysseus is asked to reveal his identity so that they will know which country that they can return his too
  • Leodamas challenged Odysseus to a duel which Odysseus lost - this severely damaged his kleos and his chances of returning with lots of treasure
  • Athene disguised Odysseus as a fish so that he was able to escape the 'dread' Scylla - unfortunately this failed and Odysseus was devoured
  • Odysseus' men turned up at Phaeacia from Hades Hall to get their revenge on Odysseus for not stopping them eating the cattle of the Sun God Hyperion

5. What happened in Book 9?

  • Odysseus goes down to Hades Hall and meets 'august' Persephone, who falls in love with Odysseus and tries to persuade him with the promise of being the King of the Dead to marry her and so be made immortal
  • Odysseus tells the story of the Cicones, the Lotus Eaters and the Cyclops, Polyphemus, who calls on Poseidon to avenge himand stall Odysseus' return
  • Odysseus tells the story of his encounter with the Laestrygonians and how they destroy and eat his entire fleat
  • Odysseus retells his story of his escape from Calypso by drugging her with her own wine - aided by Athene - and then swimming for freedom


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