Specified Books in Homer's Odyssey

Brief questions on the major instances occuring in each of the set Books. Intended as a brief overview to highlight Books that are a bit gappy.

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1. What happens in Book 7?

  • Odysseus reveals his identity to the Phaeacians as a way of explaination for his continual weeping at the bard Demodocus' songs of the Trojan War
  • Odysseus secures the favour of Queen Arete and King Alcinous agrees to give him safe passage back to Ithaca and Odysseus tells Alcinous and Arete of his journey from Calypso's island to Scherie
  • Alcinous rebukes Nausicaa and tells her that she will never a loyal with as a result of her not bringing Odysseus back to the palace herself
  • Queen Arete and therefore Alcinous decide that they need further proof of the quality of Odysseus
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2. What happened in Book 10?

  • Aeolus refuses to give Odysseus help and tells him that the gods 'despise' him and that he shouldn't have blinded Polyphemus
  • Odysseus meets the Gorgan but manages to turn her to stone using the reflection on his shield
  • Odysseus meets Aeolus, who he stays with for a month, and gives him and bag of all the winds to enable him to reach Ithaca quicker, which his men open. Odysseus then goes to the land of the Laestrygonians and his fleet is destroyed. He meets Circe
  • Antiphates, the Laestrygonian chieftan invites Odysseus and his men into his palace and provides them a feast. After their senses have been dull, he and his noble men prceedto eat all of Odysseus' men. Only Odysseus escapes

3. What happened in Book 19?

  • Odysseus kills Irus by a punch to the throat by accident - he didn't mean to kill him
  • Odysseus and Telemachus hide the weapons and Odysseus has a meeting with Penelope. Whilst Euycleia is washing Odysseus' feets she notices his scar and nearly gives the game away
  • Telemachus insites the Suitors to treat Odysseys badly to increase his wrath
  • Penelope accepts Anphimous' hand in marriage to the distress of Odysseus and Telemachus

4. What happened in Book 22?

  • Penelope's prayer to Apollo is finally heard and he shoots an arrow at her and she dies peacefully whilst the battle is going on
  • In Odysseus' anger he kills Phemius and Medon, which angers the gods as they were innocent and not destined to die
  • The battle starts by Odysseus shotting an arror through Antinous' throat. All the Suitors are killed as well as the disloyal maid servants and Melanthius
  • Telemachus is killed in the battle as a result of insiting the Suitors to treat Odysseus badly

5. What happened in Book 14?

  • Odysseus goes to Eumaeus' hut disguised as a beggar. He is recieved well by Eumaeus and Odysseus test Eumaeus' loyalty towards Odysseus
  • Odysseus goes to Eumaeus' hut and tests him. Athene then calls him outside and prompts him to reveal his true identity
  • Telemachus arrives at Eumaeus' hut not long after Odyseeus himself. Whilst Eumaeus tells Penelope of Telemachus' return Odyseus reveals himself to his 'noble son'
  • Eumaeus notices the scar on Odysseus' leg and realises that his master has returned


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