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Achilles Greek hero at Troy
Aegisthus Murderer of Agamemnon and lover of Clytaemnestra
Aeolus King of the Winds
Agamemnon King of Argos, leader of Greek expedition against Troy
Alcinous King of Phaeacia
Amphimedon A suitor, his ghost tells Agamemnon of the Suitors' death in Hades
Amphinomus The humane suitor
Anticleia Wife of Laertes, mother of Odysseus
Antinous A leading suitor, accused of being the harshest
Aphrodite Goddess of sexual attraction
Ares God of war
Argus Odysseus' old hunting dog
Arnaes (Irus) The real…read more

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Nausithous Father of Alcinous
Nestor King of Pylos
Odysseus King of Ithaca, husband of Penelope, father of Telemachus
Orestes Son of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra
Peisistratus Son of Nestor who accompanied Telemachus
Penelope Daughter of Icarius, wife of Odysseus, mother of Telemachus
Phemius A bard forced to serve the Suitors in Odysseus' palace
Philoetius Faithful herdsman of Odysseus
Polyphemus Cyclops, son of Poseidon, blinded by Odysseus
Poseidon God of sea, angry at Odysseus for blinding his son
Proteus Old Man of the Sea
Scylla Six headed…read more

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What exam board did you complete these notes for? And what translation were you looking at?

My exam board is OCR and our translation is by E.V.Rieu, Penguin Classics if it helps to jog your memory?

By the way they're excellent notes, I just want to know if they're suitably accurate whilst regarding my text.

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