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The Cyclops
Book 9…read more

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Cyclopes were mythical creatures
that existed in Greek and Roman
mythology with one eye in the
middle of forehead
The name is most commonly
thought to mean "circle-eyed".
According to Hesiod, they were
strong and stubborn.
The Homeric Cyclopes were
uncivilised. The land they lived on
"a fierce, lawless people
was fertile and good for growing who never lift a hand to
any kind of crop but they had let plant or plough but just
it go to waste. leave everything to the
immortal gods" (L105-
107)…read more

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The Cyclops
He was a man-eating
His name means
"much spoken of" or
"famous". (compare to
Odysseus' fake name)
He is the son of
Poseidon.…read more

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Summary (The Introduction)
Alcinous has asked Odysseus to tell him who he is
and how he has come here.
Odysseus replies with his story.
He and his men came to the city of the Cicones.
They plunder the land and kill everyone.
Many Ithacans die in a fight for food.
The survivors leave and go to the land of the lotus
eaters where three of Odysseus' men eat the lotus
flower and due to loss of memory they want to stay
on that island forever.…read more

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Summary Continued. (The Main Section)
They come to the land of the Cyclopes.
They are an uncivilised group and all they do is herd sheep.
Odysseus' men want to steal from a Cyclops but Odysseus will not let them.
They light a fire and burn an offering.
The Cyclops is unhappy to find them in his cave.
He eats two of Odysseus' men.
Odysseus plans to kill The Cyclops in his sleep but decides not because they need his strength
to get out of the cave.
The Cyclops eats more of the men.
Odysseus offers him wine and states his name to be `Nobody'. Cyclops says that his "guest-gift"
will be eating `Nobody' last.
Once he is drunk Odysseus and his men stab him in the eye and blinds him.
He shouts for the other Cyclopes to help him but they don't believe him because `Nobody' has
hurt him.
Odysseus and his men tie themselves to the bottom of the sheep so when The Cyclops herds
them out the men escape as well.
As they are escaping Odysseus arrogantly shouts that he is Odysseus.
Polyphemus throws a rock which causes their boat to move out to sea.
Poseidon is angered by Odysseus.…read more

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Jacob Jordaens
"Their master, though
tortured and in
terrible agony, passed
his hands along the
backs of all the
animals as they
stopped in front of
him; but the idiot
never noticed that my
men were tied under
the chests of his own
woolly rams" (L441-
444)…read more

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