Homer's Odyssey Book 18: The Beggar in The Palace

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Homer's Odyssey Book 18: The Beggar in The Palace

  • The beggar Irus/ Arnaeus appears in the palce, he is described as large but lacking in muscle and stamina, he runs errands for the suitors
  • Irus abuses Odysseus and tells him to leave, Odysseus retorts saying there is room for both of them and Irus should think twice before challenging him
  • Irus erupts and Antinous hears, he suggests to the others that the two should fight for goats' paunches and the right to be the palace's sole beggar
  • The others gree and Odysseus makes them take an oath not to side with Irus, Telemachus says he needn't worry about the suitors iven his courage
  • Odysseus gets ready to fight while Athene fills out his limbs, the suitors are amazed and exclaim at Odysseus' strength
  • Antinous abuses Irus in his state of panic threatening to send him to King Echetus if he loses
  • Odysseus decides


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