Literary Devices in the Odyssey

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  • Epiphet - descritive word or phrases that occurs before a name or thing eg. Nausicaa 'the of pale arms', 'black-hearted' Suitors, 'noble' Odysseus, 'Dawn appeared, fresh and rosy fingered' (a Homer favourite!). 
  • Simile - descriptive comparison using like or as.
  • Metaphor - a comparison between two seemingly unrelated subjects.
  • Epic Simile - a detailed comparison which may last for several lines eg. 'from the upper air he droppedto the Pierian range, and from there swooped down on the sea, and skimmed the waves like a sea-gull drenching the feathers of its wings with spray as it persues the fish down fearsome troughs of the unharvested deep'.
  • Dramatic Irony - when the audience knows…


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