'Is Homer a Good Storyteller?' Classical Civilization AS Essay Answer

I was given this essay to do for my AS Classical Civilization term one essay. By AS-Level standards, I managed 100% (A) grade. I hope it is of use to you. Please rate honestly!

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Classics Essay - Friday 21st September 2012
"Homer is an excellent story-teller." Do you agree with this view? Use examples from
Odysseus' encounter with the Cyclops in Book 9 of The Odyssey to support your

This essay will underline my opinion of the above view. I will make points…

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same feelings as Odysseus and his men would have, having to keep sailing and never reaching home. It also allows us
to explore more surroundings. This makes it more interesting. In this way, we are attentive to Homer's stories.

Also, Homer utilises the effectiveness of pathos in his story-telling. This…


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