Rebranding Liverpool

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1. Between 1995 and the present, how did Liverpool improve as a prime shopping location as a result of Liverpool One?

  • It jumped from 4th to 1st place
  • It jumped from 20th to 10th place
  • It jumped from 17th to 5th place
  • It jumped from 15th to 8th place
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2. Which of these is not a rebranding strategy used in Liverpool?

  • European Capital of Culture
  • Liverpool One
  • Stratford Park
  • Albert Dock

3. Who are the Arrowroft Group?

  • A retail group who own most of the shops in Albert Dock
  • A group of developers and investors specialising in retail and leisure
  • A group of lawyers who handled Merseyside's legal things
  • Really rich lawyer people who own private jets probably

4. How did media coverage in 2008 improve Liverpool's image and raise awareness of its attractions?

  • There was more positive coverage of the city's attractions.
  • Coverage of its attractions tripled
  • Coverage of its attractions doubled
  • Coverage of its attractions increased slightly

5. How many new shops opened as part of Liverpool One?

  • 165
  • 550
  • 260
  • 1,000


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