Rebranding Liverpool

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1. Who are the Arrowroft Group?

  • A retail group who own most of the shops in Albert Dock
  • Really rich lawyer people who own private jets probably
  • A group of developers and investors specialising in retail and leisure
  • A group of lawyers who handled Merseyside's legal things
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2. How big is the Liverpool One site?

  • 78 acres
  • 42 acres
  • 45 acres
  • 50 acres

3. Who set up the Merseyside Deveopment Corporation?

  • The Arrowcroft Group
  • Central government
  • Boris Johnson
  • Liverpool City Council

4. Which of these is not a rebranding strategy used in Liverpool?

  • Liverpool One
  • Stratford Park
  • European Capital of Culture
  • Albert Dock

5. What are some features of Liverpool One that could increase tourism to the city?

  • A zoo and one new hotel
  • Two new hotels and 25 restaurants
  • A holiday resort at Merseyside
  • Three new hotels and a waterpark


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