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  • Re-branding
    • People and groups
      • Governments
        • Various scales - local to EU.
        • Directly fund organisations such as tourist boards and planning departments.
        • EU Regional Development Fund gives grants to assist projects which aid places below the average income level.
        • Many infrastructure developments have been funded by the EURF e.g. A55, North Wales.
      • Corporate bodies
        • Banks, insurance companies , pension funds, development funds.
        • Investment in large scale shopping developments  is used to generate long term regular flows of income for pension providers.
      • Not-for-profit organisations
        • National Trust, bodies responsible for art, local community resident associations.
    • Contesting rebranding
      • Change in a place's character
        • Gentrification brings about socio-economic changes as wealthier people move into the area.
        • Larger disposable income brings wealth and different local services.
        • Newsagents, corner shops and hardware shops may be replaced by wine bars and restaurants.
        • Rising property prices force poorer residents to pay higher rents and may force them out of the area.
      • Favouring one group over another
        • Some people will benefit more than others from re-branding.
        • When the inner Liverpool shopping centre was developed, local residents felt that regeneration would be of little benefit to them.
          • The re-branding was felt to be more suitable to the entrepreneurs and those living in the suburbs or outside of Liverpool.
      • Difference in priorities
        • Development agencies may have different priorities from local residents.
        • Liverpool Vision (urban re-development body from inner Liverpool) employed cheap foreign labour rather than local people.
          • It wanted to attract organisations from outside the area.
          • Locals felt they were being ignored by the re-branding process.


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