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Rebranding Liverpool
By Chris & Karl…read more

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· Liverpool is on the west coast of the UK.
· The city got given the cultural city of the
· Has a population of 435,500
· It has had a lot of rebranding over the last
5 years.
· It is also home to a premier league football
club, Liverpool FC, they currently have 18
premier league titles.…read more

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Why was there a need for Liverpool
to rebrand?
· The main reason for Liverpool to rebrand was,
European Capital of Culture because this would
generate more money, and to boost the local
economy, also to re-image the local area and
make it a better place to live for the local people.
· To remove derelict buildings,
· After 1960's the had been affected by industrial
· In the 1980s Liverpool experienced economic
and social deprivation along with high levels of
crime.…read more

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Why a city of culture ? What has
Liverpool got to offer?
· Got a variety of different cultures and traditions situated
in the area,
· There is several major art museums
· The docklands have a maritime heritage which in the
1700-1800 brought in a mass amount resources such as
cotton and sugar, the docklands got regenerated in the
1980's to bring in tourism, this was there first attempt of
· Music, such as the Beatles in the 1960's
· Liverpool can bring in new ethnicities, norms and values
to incorporate multiculturalism.…read more

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What benefits will this bring to the local
people, environment and the economy?
· The removal of derelict warehousing will mean new housing will
occur this will bring in new jobs and a new image for run down
areas, this will allow more tourism to enter the city.
· Bring in wealthy merchants that will set up new businesses in the
area such as: media, publishing and design sectors once again this
will attract more jobs and re-image the area.
· With the area being re-branded more companies would want to
invest in the area such as: leisure and dining, cinema and café's.
· Increased night life: music, entertainment and comedy.
· More people means more supporters for the local football clubs
meaning more money being put into the economy and support for
your local area.
· Derelict warehousing will be replaced with new housing built upon
Brownfield sites, meaning no more harm to the land.…read more

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Who are the key rebranding
· Local Companies ­ setting up franchises in the
area to increase and consumer culture.
· Wealthy Merchants ­ Importing more goods in
order to increase local economy.
· Liverpudlians ­ More business means more jobs
and can generate more tourism.
· Council ­ Bring in more money, which would
generate more expenditure.
· Media ­ Better PR…read more

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