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Unit 2 ­ Rebranding Places
Rebranding a place aims to improve a place and its image, to change people's perceptions and thus encourage more
to visit the area.
Rebranding involves regeneration ­ making actual improvements to an area, e.g. new buildings and services
Reimaging ­ using marketing to improve the image and reputation of a place (makes people aware of the
improvements that have been made, this often follows the regeneration process)
Rebranding is aimed at internal users (e.g. residents and employees) and external `customers' (e.g. visitors and
potential investors)
Rebranding can occur at all scales, from rebranding individual villages to changing the image of the entire country,
like China.
It aims can include improving the quality of life for residents and attracting new residents, tourists and
Ideally a `virtuous cycle' will be created:
Rebranding is needed when a place is in decline
A place can be in decline due to social, economic and environmental problems (sometimes political or
demographic also). Each of those problems will, in turn, create more problems, creating a spiral of decline. In the UK,
places that need rebranding fall into 3 groups:
Urban Areas:
1. Many industrial towns have lost their factories and so have seen a massive decrease in manufacturing jobs.
2. The loss of industry results in high unemployment, creating economic problems as people have to live on low
income or income support (welfare).
3. The economic problems lead to a spiral of decline as people move out of the area to look for work, which leads
to services closing (e.g. shops), leading to fewer job opportunities, resulting in further economic and social
4. Rebranding is needed to encourage new investment that should bring jobs and money to the area.
Improvements in housing and the local environment will attract people back to the area.
Rural Areas:
1. The decline of agriculture has led to reduced employment and economic problems in rural areas.
2. The lack of job opportunities leads to outmigration of young people, resulting in an ageing population.
3. Services such as shops, schools and post offices close as people move away for work, leading to a spiral of
decline as economic problems and social isolation become worse.
4. Attracting new business and tourists to the area through rebranding will increase employment and services.
This will then encourage young people to stay in the area, and new people to move to the area.
Coastal Resorts:
1. Cheap flights abroad mean fewer British tourists are visiting UK coastal resorts, so resorts are losing money
and businesses are closing.
2. The decline of the fishing industry has also lead to fewer jobs and further economic issues.
3. This leads to the outmigration of young people and a spiral of decline as problems get worse.

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As with urban and rural areas, rebranding encourages new investment, bringing jobs and money to the area.
Rebranding uses many different strategies:
1. Attracting tourists ­ with leisure and sports facilities, culture and the arts.
2. Improving conditions for residents ­ with better housing and more amenities.
3. Attracting investment ­ with new shops, commercial buildings, and waterfront developments
Rebranding can be achieved through projects that help to regenerate or reimage a place:
Developing New... Promoting new...…read more

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Leads to increased tourist numbers and
Local Tourist Board Marketing and promotion
improved visitor experience
The Local Community Backing the rebranding process and Desire to live in a place with improved
helping to decide priorities for facilities, environment and reputation.
Improvements on Buildings:
1. Residential ­ existing or new estates e.g. 1700 new homes in New Islington, Manchester
2. Shopping ­ encourage consumers and investors (Westfield,
3. Commercial ­ business buildings, i.e.…read more

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Technology and the Media aid rural regeneration:
The Internet
1. Increase in the number of people able to move to rural areas and work from home
2. Problems with this because highspeed broadband connections have been focused on more densely populated
areas where there are more customers
3. To tackle this in the most remote parts of Scotland, the Scottish Executive (government) and the Highlands and
Islands Enterprise(HIE) have funded a £70 million project to connect every community to highspeed
4.…read more

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Strategies are more likely to be successful if local people are behind it. They're more likely to support the
scheme if they're able to make suggestions and decisions
2. Developers can involve local people by conducting surveys to find out what residents want
Improve infrastructure
1. Infrastructure in the structures that support a society, e.g. roads, public transport and power grids
2. Improving things like the public transport network can attract more residents and visitors to an area.…read more



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