Approaches to Rebranding

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  • Approaches to Rebranding
    • Top Down Approach
      • From Government to Local People
      • Large Scale
      • Local people are forced by the Government e.g Newham Public for the 2012 Olympic Games
      • Strategic in nature
      • Decisions are made by the authorities
      • Local Communities feel isolated by the decisions
      • Ignores the local knowledge, which can lead to mistakes
    • Bottom Up Approach
      • Example: Margate Rebranding
      • Based on listening to the local opinion + view; local solution to problem rather then producing a overreaching strategy
      • Locals are closely involved in the development and are empowered
      • Lack of power to change
    • Partnership Approach
      • Example: Liverpool
      • Aims to combine both of the other strategies
      • Becoming Increasing Adopted
      • Range of voices heard
      • Well placed to draw on funding
      • The number of partners involved in the decision making can sometimes be long winded


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