Geography unit 2 (Geographical Investigations)

here's a little information i put together on a few key case studies  :) it's ,ostly to help me but hope it helps you too ;) 

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Rural rebranding – Cornwall

Had a major decline in the following industries

·         Fish Industry

·         Mining industry

·         Tin industry

·          It’s deprived because

  Lack of rural services

·         Lack of employment opportunities so it suffers from a ‘brain drain’ (which is when young people leave to find jobs.)

 What’s being done?

 Relies on tourism – employs around 25% of people however it’s seasonal

 Act Now - £2.5 million scheme which promotes development through use of broadband and IT. 

Technology being used to attract business to remote areas


Objective one: funding on £230 million

                           : 600 projects

                           : 10,000 jobs

 Eden Project: Flagship project

                        : 1.9 million Visitors in the first year

                        : got money from the lottery and Objective one (top down approach)

 Rural England (ACRE):  promotes local rural initiatives.

Natural England - grants to farmers for various environmental agricultural schemes.

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Urban Rebranding


Decline- How and Why?

Declining retail offer

Failing local education authority

High council tax

Low rental and property values

Strategies to rebrand

Was awarded the title European Capital of Culture (2008)

Culture: catalyst for development

  • Capitalised on its musical roots
  • Use of public art: used to draw people in.
  • Cappuccino culture: slows the place down
  • Quarters associated with ethnic groups e.g. China town – attracts tourist
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Blackpool and Benidorm ( Competition for Coasts)


18th century resort - train to Manchester

Growth of tourist’s infrastructure – the pier (attracting more tourists

Declines how and why?

Cheaper flights to other places

Poor weather

People interested in going to other places e.g. Benidorm

Outdated by package holidays


500,000 summer jobs

1960’s popularity of package holidays

3 blue flag beaches

Popular for stag nights

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Decline in car factory

Had a modernist style of architecture – (iron steel, concrete and glass buildings)

Coal mine declined : Resulted in people losing their jobs

                              :The ex-mine workers lacked skills for other industries

     Rebranding Stratergies                             

Birmingham rebranded:  the development of the ‘Bullring’ created 8,000 new jobs, and attracted over 35 million visitors a year.

They also used education as a rebranding strategy – Boulton College was redeveloped and now has over500 courses for more than 7,000 students.

it also uses culture to attract investment and tourism.

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