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Reasons for the power struggle 1924-1929:
1. Lenin sets no end date for the NEP
2. Following Lenin's death, top Bolsheviks began to jostle for position as his successor/heir
3. Lenin left behind a last will and testament
Strengths Weaknesses
Personality/background: Revolutionary record:
Poor peasant background No significant role in…

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Critical of most Bolsheviks, names no successor

Power Struggle key contestants:
The Left-Wing of the Communist Party based their The Right-Wing of the Communist Party based their
interpretation on War Communism interpretation on The NEP
Class-based rationing Small-scale industry run by private owners
Use of terror and force Heavy industry…

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This was not very Marxist. According to Marx, Communism would only be achieved in a country
which had first gone through a capitalist stage and industrialisation

3. The split over the future of the Russian Revolution:
Trotsky's fear ­ `Bureaucratic degeneration'
Trotsky said the party bureaucracy had become too big…

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How did Stalin win the Power Struggle?
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Ruling The Triumvirate: The Duumvirate:
Alliance Zinoviev, Kamenev and Stalin Bukharin and Stalin
Opposition Left Opposition New Opposition (Z&K) Right Opposition (Bukharin, Rykov
faction (Trotsky) United Opposition (T&Z&K) and Tomsky)
The great industrialisation The great industrialisation…

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Stalin expels Kamenev, Zinoviev and Trotsky for forming a faction
Due to his control of the delegates at the congress
Kamenev and Zinoviev apologize and are readmitted (destroys their authority)
8. Great Turn Left:
Stalinist delegates (Stalin instructs them) NEP has run out of steam, economy no longer
Stalin's book…

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Need to build a more communist society
Defend the USSR through industrialisation and production of weaponry
To beat Bukharin in the power struggle


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