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British History notes Vicky Lear

The reasons for the 1906 Liberal Landslide
The Boer War
Patriotism made the conservatives win in 1900, yet it had been more
costly in lives + money than expected + the methods of defeat
caused moral outrage-concentration camps (Tories= uncaring)
Revealed the effect of poverty…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

E.g. of poster + 2 loaves of bread
Tariff reform divided the Conservatives (only 1/3 in favour!)-
Churchill even voted with Liberals on this issue
Strengthened the liberal party as free trade was something all
liberals supported

The Taff Vale Case
1901- dispute had broken…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

New Liberalism!
New Liberalism stressed freedom from evils such as poverty, low
wages and insecurity. It moved away from the idea of Laissez Faire
and believed that the Govt had a role in establishing the minimum
standards of life. However, it didn't believe that this…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

By 1914, over 14 million meals p.a. were being provided for 158,000
Education act (1907):
Made medical inspections compulsory:
-3 a year
-must take place in school by a qualified doctor
-1st inspection asap after child starts school
-By 1914, ¾ of LEAs were…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

Only applied to 13/45 million
Labour exchanges (1909):
Centre's where jobs were advertised + workers looked for them
Before this, people hadn't known where to look for a job
By 1913, 3,000 a day were being employed
The govt hadn't attempted to increase the number…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

The Liberals were determined that the House of Lords would never be
able to block a measure past by the house of commons. Therefore, in
1910 they drew up a bill to curb the power of the House of Lords
The H of L couldn't…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

The impact of WW1 on Britain
Situation in 1914:
8 year old Liberal Govt
Believe they should carry on as normal (non-interference)
Shipping, munitions + coal remained out of Govt control
Only railways were brought immediately under control in Aug 1914-
to transport soldiers, goods...…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

LlG would run the cabinet with Asquith as PM (but more of an
honorable role)- this would hopefully speed up decision making
Asquith was hostile to the idea, but eventually agreed after the
conservatives threatened to resign from the Govt
The times criticized Asquith &…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

The convoy system
Germans unleashed a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare in
attempt to starve Britain out of the conflict
April 1917- only 6 weeks supply of corn left & 430 British ships had
been lost
LlG insisted on a `convoy system' despite arguments from…

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British History notes Vicky Lear

Pre-war (the suffragettes)
the fight for women's suffrage (NUWSS) had been led by Millicent
Fawcett (1987) & the WSPU (1903) by Emmeline Pankhurst
The Pankhurst's believed the NUWSS weren't militant enough
NUWSS used peaceful, non-violent methods such as discussions,
public meetings and processions to…


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