Stalin's Russia 1924-1953 Revision Check list

Just what needs to be known for ach of the four dfferent sections on Stalin's Russia

Probably not of much use, but I find it is a useful reminder :)

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The Struggle for Power---the making of the new voz

  • (useful to know personalities and policies) i.e.New Economic Policyand Bukharin the 'Golden Boy'
  • The struggle for power  between Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamanev, Bikharin and Stalin
  • The political issues at stake: NEP vs Rapid Industrialisation

                                                    Socialism in one country VS World Revolution

  • Shifting pattern of rivalry: the influence of both personalities and the political institution of the new Soviet Union in determining the outcome by 1929
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Transforming the Soviet Union: the collectivisatio

  • The Important changes in social and economic policies between 1928 and 1941
  •  The reasons for the decision to promote collectivisation
  • The effects of collectivisation not just on rural areas but its connection to industrialisation and urbanisation.
  • The changing nature and priorities of the three five-year plans
  • The success and failures of the three five-year plans
  • Changing social policies: inclusing changing government policies on education, the family and divorce.
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Persecution and control: the origins and course of

  • The focus here is on aspects of stalin's regime that have been described as tolatarian
  • The ferocity of repression under Yagoda, Yezhov and Beria
  • The explanations for the extraordinary extent of the purges between 1936 and 1938
  • The impact of the purges on both politics and society
  • The 'Cult of Personality' and it's development in the 1930's and during Stalin's last years
  • The concept of 'Social Realism' as applied to the arts and culture
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Tha making of a superpower: The GHreat Patriotic W

  • The USSR's survival and triumph in the Second World War
  • The cost and damage inflicted on the uSSR during the Second World War
  • Reasons for ultimate Soviet victory and the significance of this for the USSR's status as a superpower
  • The success of maintaining and increasing war production
  • The importance of lend-lease

NOTE Detailed questions will not be set on particular campaigns or years of the conflict, or on relations with other powers after 1945

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