Complete Notes for AS Stuarts Revision

These are the complete notes for the Stuarts section of the AS history exam. They are bullet pointed, but do go into much detail (possibly too much). There are some diagrams throughout. Suitable for certainly the AQA specification, but some information may be compatible with other courses. Enjoy and good luck in your exams!

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James I Revision Notes
Claim To The English Throne
Divine Right of Kings- God had made him King of Scotland, so it was
God's will to make him King of England too.
Descendent of Henry VII- Arabella Stuart was his only rival, but she was
locked up in the Tower of London and died there.
It was his destiny to reunite Scotland and England- If he was King he
could do this.
Elizabeth I had named him King on her death bed.
Few Points on Character
Very intelligent.
Man of exceptional morals.
Good at judging things.
Nobel presence.
Exceptional memory.
Favourites- Handsome young men. Gay?
Allows his advisors to make decisions too often (they rule, not him).
Terrible manners.
Over confident.
Union Between Scotland and England
Proclaimed himself King of Great Britain at Court.
Unite coin was commissioned.
Ships ordered to carry the Union Flag.
Commission set up to enforce it.
English Feeling
Scotland would inherit the goods of England and give nothing back.
Xenophobia- English had a hatred of the `foreigners' i.e. the Scots.
Didn't want any Scottish influence at court.
Scottish seen as `murderers, thieves and rogues'.
Two separate religions.
Scottish Feeling
Hatred of English- Xenophobia.
Separate religions.
Very much the same as the English feeling.
James Saw It As

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Elizabeth had been involved in wars which cost a great deal of money
Had to pay for a funeral for Elizabeth.
Had to pay for the funeral of his son- Henry.
Had to pay for his own coronation.
Peers and Gentry under taxed.
3 Households (Himself, his wife, his son). - Elizabeth only had one.
Debt- He was To Blame?
Extravagance- Jewels, expensive clothes ect.
Generosity/ Love of favourites- £400,000 (Crown income of one year)
spent on gifts to favourites.…read more

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Sold the right to collect customs duties to a group of merchants in
return for £112,000.
Impeached- Unpopular with Parliament.
Robert Cecil- Earl of Salisbury
Book of Bounty- Agreed amount of crown gifts and pensions.
Book of Rates- Extended impositions.
In creased profits from wardship.
Reduced Royal debt by £500,000.
The Great Contract
In return for £200,000 the King would give up his rights of Wardship and
James didn't like it- would lose some rights as a King, he compared it to
prostitution.…read more

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The Duke of Buckingham
James was bored of Robert Carr, who also fell from interest after the
Overbury case.
He was v.attractive and a good conversationalist.
Queen introduced him to James.
Promoted the rise of Cranfield.
Negotiated the (FAILED) Spanish match, which made him heavily
James I and Religion
Catholic Church
Mother was Catholic- his link to the Church (also another reason why he
was hated).
Bible and services done in Latin.
Priests had to be unmarried.
Strong belief in the power of Saints.…read more

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Presbyterian Church (Kirk)
Scottish church.
Very simple and pure, no fuss, polar opposite of the Catholic Church.
Presbyterians disliked the Church being run by Bishops who were
often wealthy and sometimes corrupt.
They also disliked the Church being controlled by the Monarch.
They wanted an independent Church run by elders in the community
who were appointed by the members of the Church/ Kirk who would
run and deal with the Kirk.
Believe in predestination.
Puritan Church
Want to purify the Church (and remove Catholic influences).…read more

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Want the Church to be decorated nicely with stained glass (not like the
Some say it is similar to Catholicism. (NOT IN BELIEF).
James I and the Church
Wanted religious uniformity. (All of subjects to share the same religious
views as himself, the Monarch).
Catholics were totally against this because:
Had their loyalty
first and foremost
to the Pope.
Toleration was
simply not possible.
Hoped he would be
more flexible- he
had a Catholic
mother, he had a
Catholic wife.…read more

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However, it did enforce some rules, 99% of the remaining Protestants
(excluding Puritans) agreed with the changes and not many people
emigrated as a result.
The Bishops gowns remained in place, something the Puritans hated
because it was considered `too Catholic'.
Published the 1604 Canons (Church Rules):
o It split the Puritans.
o People had to accept the
`Book of Common Prayer'
and agree to the Canons
and make an oath.…read more

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James Managed to Alienate People By ...
Allowing the 1618 Book of Sports- Meant that sports could be played
on the Holy Day of `rest' and `worship'- The Puritans were furious.
In 1622 the `Directions to Preachers' were issued- The Puritans were left
alienated yet again.
`A New Gag for an Old Goose' was published which attacked the
Presbyterian (Calvinist) and Puritan idea of predestination.
Anti-Catholic measures alienated Catholics.…read more



This does not cover the Stuarts at all.  It says its suitable for AQA but isnt as it stops at the end of the civil war.

Former Member

To be specific - This is Unit 1D - Not the 2nd Unit for the later stuarts


This is suitable for the Crown and Authority paper for edexcel 


Thx m9, much pass now, great help 


helped with Charles I, wished there was 1625-1701. But helped a lot got my mocks tmr. 

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