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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 8…read more

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O Dorian sleeps in until 1:15 in the afternoon and is woken by his servant. He has
received a letter from Lord Henry but doesn't open it yet.
O He sees the picture covered by the screen and feels silly for thinking that the
portrait had changed, but it had. The picture had reminded him of the horrible way
he had treated Sibyl and he writes her a long letter.
O When he finishes writing the letter, Lord Henry arrives. Dorian tells him how he has
got to know himself better and will get married to Sibyl.
O But Henry had written in the letter he has sent to Dorian that Sibyl had killed
herself the night before.
O Harry explains that there will be an inquest but there is nothing to worry about
because no one saw Dorian and Sibyl always referred to him as Prince Charming.
He then asks Dorian to come with him to the opera that night.
O After the initial shock, Dorian believes he killed Sibyl Vane. But under Henry's
influence Dorian becomes to appreciate Sibyl's death.
O When Henry leaves, Dorian looks at the portrait and see that it hasn't changed. He
believes this gives him the ability to have a guilt-free life.…read more

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O Bitterness/harshness:- Dorian moves on very
quickly from Sibyl Vane's death, it makes us
wonder if he really did love her the way that he
said he did. Did he love Sibyl or the character she
O Resentment:- Does the fact that Dorian moved
on so quickly from Sibyl's death make the reader
feel resentful of his character? Or does Lord
Henry's persuasion of getting Dorian to go to the
opera make us resent him?…read more

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O In this chapter, Sibyl Vane dies, this could link to
the character she played in the theatre-she
played Juliet- who killed herself because she
though Romeo was dead. Were we surprised by
Sibyl Vane's death?
O At the end of this chapter, Dorian talks about
how he doesn't have to worry about feeling
guilty because as he does horrible things the
picture gets uglier. Is this where the reader starts
to realise the is an ugly side to Dorian that we
thought he was incapable of before?…read more

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References to the
O The only reference to the painting was at the
end of the painting. This was when he
realised that he can to whatever he want and
not feel guilty. Was the painting a good or
bad thing?…read more

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Key Quotes
O "I was brutal, Harry-perfectly brutal. But its
alright now." (Page 83).
O "Not one blossom of his loveliness would ever
fade. Not one pulse of his life would ever
weaken." (Page 91).…read more


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