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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 13…read more

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O When in the old schoolroom, Dorian asks Basils if he definitely wants to see
Dorian's secret. Basil says he does.
O Dorian flings off the cover to let Basil see how horrible the painting has
become. Basil is shocked with what this picture looks like.
O Dorian reminds Basil of the wish he made when he first saw the painting. Basil
doesn't believe this and tries to come up with a reasonable explanation but he
O Basil starts to think that if this is how horrible Dorian's soul is, then the horrible
things he has heard about him must be true.
O Basil talks about how Dorian had done too much evil and should hope for
forgiveness. But Dorian is crying and says that it is too late.
O When Dorian looks at the portrait, he is filled with lots of anger and hatred for
Basil, he grabs a knife and stabs Basil to death. Dorian feels no guilt and tries to
think of how he will dispose of the body.
O He then remembers that Basil was meant to leave for Paris so it will take a
while before people will realise.
O So Dorian fakes his own alibi. He slips out the house ad rings the doorbell. And
when he gets let in he explains how he forgot his keys and has been out all
night.…read more

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O Violence:- Obviously the violence is Dorian
killing Basil. Was this planned? Did we expect
this event as a reader?
O Sinister: - this seems like a sinister not only
because Basil got murdered but because it is
Dorian who is so desperately trying to cover
it up and he feels no remorse.…read more

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O This is probably the highest point in the
climax. This is one of the most important
chapters and one the chapters that has the
most suspense. From now onwards, the
climax is going down.
O Did we expect this? We were dropped a
couple of hints throughout the book to what
happens between Basil and Dorian.…read more

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References to the
O This whole chapter is revolved around the
painting. This would be the first time that
Basil gets to see his greatest piece of art he
had ever made. But his painting has become
this ugly and grotesque thing. It represents
how everything has changed since the
beginning of the novel- the picture, Dorian
and his relationship with Basil.…read more

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Key Quotes
O "How quickly it had all been done! He felt
strangely calm," (page 134).
O "You met me, flattered me, and taught me to
be vain of my good looks" (Page 132)…read more


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