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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 6…read more

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O Henry and Basil are at the restaurant before Dorian. Basil
does not approve of Dorian's love for Sibyl. While Henry
hopes the marriage does not destroy Dorian, and he will
move on after a while.
O Dorian arrive and tells the story of his engagement to
Sybil. He also explains how the night before he saw Sybil
perform and after they kissed.
O Henry goes on one of his rants again, this time about how
everyone should look for themselves. He thinks women
have a lower status in society than men do.
O Dorian insists that once Harry sees Sibyl perform he will
see differently. They then leave the restaurant.
O During this ride, Basil feels he has lost Dorian forever due
to this marriage.…read more

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O Love:- Dorian has this overwhelming feeling
of love for Sibyl and makes vows to her after
seeing her perform.
O Jealousy:- Basil seems jealous of the fact
that Dorian might be getting married and
that he ha lost his best friend.…read more

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O In this chapter we start to get hints that
Dorian has fallen in love with Sibyls acting
and beauty rather than her personality: "She
is better than good-she is beautiful" (page
64). "When she came on in her boys clothes
she was perfectly wonderful" (Page 66).…read more

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Key quotes
O "Women treat us just has humanity treats its
gods" (Page 68).
O "I love acting. Its so much more real than life"
(Page 69).…read more


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