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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 12…read more

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O After meeting Henry for a meal, Dorian is on his way home and sees Basil
walking in the opposite direction. Dorian pretends not to see him but
Basil notices who he is. Basil says he went to Dorian's house and has
been waiting there.
O Basil explains how he is going to Paris for six months to paint another
O When they get to Dorian's house they go in and Basil wants to say
something to him.
O Basil says how many people have talked about Dorian as being someone
who has ruined to lives of many people. Everyone seems to hate him or
be scared of him. Dorian tries to blame this on English society.
O Basil continues talking about the things he has heard. He also says how
he thought he knew Dorian-he clearly doesn't.
O Dorian wants to show Basil his portrait so he can really see his soul.
O Dorian takes Basil upstairs explaining he has a diary where he records
every move (the painting).…read more

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O Sinister:- there is quite a sinister tone about
Dorian because we fear he will do something
to Basil that is horrible-since he has the
painting for conscience, he doesn't worry.
O Loneliness: - Dorian seems to have lost
everything about him that made people talk
so fondly of him. Now he has very few friends
­ just Lord Henry.…read more

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O This chapter is the first part of the climax.
Throughout the chapter, the suspense has
built up. We are worried for Basil because he
still cares for Dorian in a way, even though he
has heard all these horrible things about
O The painting represents his conscience and
the painting is locked away-just like his
conscience has been. He does not listen to
his sense of right and wrong.…read more

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References to the
O It is only to the end does Dorian say he will
show Basil it. This creates a cold atmosphere
because as a reader we know that Dorian has
not wanted to show the painting to anyone.
So what has he got planned? It is also quite
manipulative; he is managing to take Basil
where he wants him because he knows Basil
wants to see the painting.…read more

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Key Quotes
O "Dorian, with your pure, bright, innocent face,
and your marvellous untroubled youth-I cant
believe anything against you." (page 127).
O "They say that you corrupt every one with
whom you become intimate" (Page 129).…read more


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