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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 9…read more

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O Basil arrives at Dorian's house and is upset to hear about Sibyl's death. He presumes
that Dorian is upset and asks if he wants to see Sibyl's mother.
O Dorian is not very concerned about this and goes on to talk about the Opera he went to
see with Harry the previous night.
O Basil is shocked by Dorian's reaction. But Dorian says he doesn't want to bring up the
past. Basil comes to the conclusion that it is Henry's fault that there is a change in
O Dorian explains how he thinks of Sybil's suicide as an act of romance. Basil promises
never to bring up Sibyl's name again.
O Dorian asks Basil to draw a sketch of Sibyl so he can remember her. Basil says he would
if Dorian sits next to him. Dorian refuses. Basil asks Dorian if he doesn't like the portrait
he painted of him. Dorian makes Basil promise never to look at the painting again.
O Basil replies with him wanting to exhibit the portrait because it was his best piece of
O Dorian panics and asks why Basil didn't show the portrait in the first place. Basil admits
that it is because it showed too much of himself and admitted to his feelings for Dorian.
O Dorian still refuses to show the painting and to sit foe another one. Once Basil leaves,
Dorian asks his servant to remove the portrait.…read more

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O Guilt:- To Basil, Dorian looks suspicious and
guilty because he refuses to let Basil look at
his own painting.
O Change: - The two friends are not as close as
they used to be. This is because Dorian has
become more guilt-free and careless.…read more

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O Dorian loses his first friend. This is where the
reader begin to see how Dorian treats his
own friends. This sort of gives hints at how
life will be like for him in terms of the
amount of people who like him or hate him.…read more

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References to the
O Dorian refuses to let Basil see the painting
because he is scared that Basil will notice a
change in to portrait and this will therefore
ruin Dorian's `secret' of having a life with no
O Dorian also wants to get ride of the painting-
by hiding it. It is almost like he is hiding his
guilty conscience from the outside world.
This is so no one can look at how guilty he
really his.…read more

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Key quotes
O "A cry of terror broke from Dorian Gray's lips,
and he rushed between the painting and the
screen" (page 96). Is this the last bit of guilt
that Dorian feels?
O "There is something fatal about a portrait. It
has a life of its own" (Page 100).…read more


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