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The Picture of
Dorian Gray
Chapter 11…read more

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O For some years, Dorian became obsessed with the book
given to him by Lord Henry.
O After relating to the main character in the book, Dorian
becomes interested in similar things such as music,
religion and jewels.
O Dorian becomes quite well known in London because it
gets talked about a lot. People have talked poorly of
Dorian because of his personality, but they still look at
him for his fashion and his looks.
O Dorian visits the painting occasionally and mocks it.…read more

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O Beauty: Dorian's beauty has increased as he
grows older with age. But as he gets more
beautiful, his personality deteriorates.
O Relationships: all of the relationships Dorian
has had have gone. But his relationship with
Lord Henry going.
O Loneliness: Dorian might be feeling
increasingly lonely because no one admires
him as much as they used to.…read more

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O This is the first chapter where there is a
dramatic change in Dorian-he is his own
person now. Dorian is starting to develop his
own interests. Whereas, before he was
heavily influenced by Lord Henry and Basil.…read more

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References to the
O The references to the painting are when
Dorian is mocking it. Dorian looks at the
painting which is "evil and aging" and then
looks at his "fair young face".…read more

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Key Quotes
O "Perhaps in nearly every joy, as certainly in
every pleasure, cruelty has its place" Page
O "He grew more and more enamoured of his
own beauty, more and more interested in the
corruption of his own soul" Page 109.…read more


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