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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 16…read more

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O Dorian goes to the East End to head for the opium den. Dorian wants to
forget what has happened.
O While he is there he meets Adrian Singleton, Basil accused Adrian of
corrupting Dorian. Dorian has some brandy with Adrian before leaving.
But as he leaves, a woman approaches Dorian. He gives her some
money so she can leave him alone. As Dorian leaves she calls after him
using `Prince Charming'. A sailor notices this and goes after Dorian.
O Dorian goes towards a different opium den and as he does so, a man
holds Dorian against the wall trying to choke him-there is the sound of
a revolver. It is James Vane, Sibyl's brother.
O James confronts Dorian about Sibyl and Dorian denies ever knowing
her. Dorian asks how long this event with Sibyl took place, James said
18 years ago. Dorian says that James should look at him in the light.
James does and notices that Dorian has the face of a young man.
O When confronting the woman about this the woman said to James
that she heard that Dorian had sold himself for a pretty face.…read more

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O In this chapter the moon resembles a "yellow
skull" which could relate to death.
O The gothic imagery could also Dorian is in a
physical hell.
O Adrian Singleton and his yellow hair
resemble Dorian and the woman mirrors
Sibyl Vane who speaks the same way, the
woman's fear of Dorian and ruined looks
could be what Sibyl would have looked like
of she had lived.…read more

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O Gothic
O Terror
O Death
O Dark…read more

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Key Quotes
O "He knew in what strange heavens they were
suffering, and what dull hells were teaching
them the secret of some new joy" page 158.
O "Each man lived his own life, and paid his own
price for living it" Page 160.…read more


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