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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray
Chapter 15…read more

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O Dorian attends a dinner party that isn't very interesting at Lady Narborough's
home-she is clever but ugly. She is fond of Dorian and apologises about hoe dull
the rest of her guests were.
O Luckily, Lord Henry arrives, but Dorian still feels a bit restless.
O Because of Dorian being so low, Lady Narborough thinks that Dorian is in love.
After a gossip, Dorian still feels low and Lady Narborough says Dorian ought to get
married. Lord Henry agrees but he still expresses his cynical views on marriage.
O Some other guests interrupt the conversation so Dorian and Henry start talking
privately. Dorian won't admit that there is anything wrong and that he is tired.
O Henry asks what Dorian was up to the night before and Dorian had panicked and
became defensive. Dorian is apologetic and heads off home.
O When at home, Dorian burns Basil's bag and belongings, making sure there wasn't
ever evidence Basil was there.
O Then Dorian has a craving. There is a box inside a cabinet and inside was opium.
O Dorian disguises himself as a commoner and gets a cab to a mysterious location.…read more

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O This chapter is the start of the most substantial
section- one of the four chapters specially
written for the 1891 edition. They were highly
praised by the critics at the time.
O This chapter comes after some intense ones.
Chapter 15 is almost like a pause or break in a
play, where all intensity and action stops.
O At the end of this chapter, the clock strikes 12
midnight. This could represent how it is coming
to the end of Dorian's life.…read more

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O Narcissism-Dorian has become more focused
on himself.
O Superiority- In this chapter, Lord Henry and
Dorian seem to look at themselves as too
good than everyone else.
O Guilt? Is Dorian feeling guilt in this chapter?…read more

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Key Quotes
O "the terrible pleasure of a double life" page
O "those middle-aged mediocrities" page 148…read more


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