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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 2…read more

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What happens?
O Basil and Henry come back to find Dorian playing the Piano. Basil
introduces his two friends.
O Dorian notices how wonderful Dorian is and is polite to him. Basil is afraid
that Henry will influence Dorian.
O After much persuasion, Basil lets Henry stay while he paints.
O Dorian immediately likes Henry. While Dorian poses for the picture, Henry
takes a chance to talk to him about some of his personal views about
O After this, Dorian demands a rest. Henry joins Dorian in the garden and
explains how his youth and beauty is really important.
O When the picture is done, Dorian is amazed by his own beauty and he
becomes scared of when he becomes old. Dorian explains this and says
that Dorian only cares for his youth. He wishes it was the other way
O Basil becomes annoyed that this painting has caused arguments and
attempts to slash the painting but Dorian stops him before he does.
O They all calm down to and Lord Henry suggests they go to the theatre.…read more

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What are the
O Jealousy- Basil is jealous of his friends quick
forming relationship because he says how
Henry is a bad influence and Dorian should
not listen. Also Dorian is jealous of the
painting that Basil has painted.
O Youth-Henry and Basil seem to admire
Dorian's youth. Dorian wants to stay young
forever.…read more

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O Foreshadowing: Dorian says "Yes, I am glad
now. I wonder shall I always be glad?"(page
23). He will not always be happy, by the end
of the book he has lost all his friends and he
ends up killing himself.
O This is the chapter that everything changes
for Dorian. The exact moment that it changes
for him is when he wishes he could stay
beautiful and youthful forever like the Dorian
in the portrait will.…read more

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References to the
O The key reference to the painting in this
chapter is when the Basil finishes it and
Dorian wishes it was he that could look
young and beautiful forever.
O Also Basil tries to destroy the painting
because it was causing arguments with his
best friends, but Dorian gets in the way.…read more

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Key quotes from this
O "You have the most marvellous youth, and
youth is the one thing worth having" (page
O "But what the gods give they quickly take
away" (page 22).
O "If it were only the other way! If the picture
could change, and I could always be what I
am now!" (page 26).…read more




There's some wording mistakes in this powerpoint, but it gives a good overall view of chapter 2. The choice of quotes is good too.
*Spoiler alert* should be in the resource details!

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