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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 7…read more

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O Harry, Basil and Dorian arrive at the theatre and are met by the manager who
Dorian doesn't like very much.
O The theatre is horrible but Dorian promises that Sybil will make it better with
her performance.
O Sibyl comes on stage as Juliet and Basil and Harry are amazed at her beauty
but are horrified by her acting.
O Basil and Henry are very disappointed and Dorian feels upset and betrayed.
Dorian tells his friend to leave him be.
O After the performance, Dorian goes to see Sybil and she is very happy to see
him. She explains that since meeting Dorian he is her world and that he
means more to her than acting does and that she will never act well again.
O Dorian doesn't believe this and says he doesn't love Sibyl anymore. Sibyl then
begs Dorian to change his mind.
O When Dorian gets home, he notices there is a change in the painting, it has
got uglier. He, however, has stayed the same in appearance.
O Dorian realises he did wrong with Sibyl. He covers up the picture and
promises to go back and marry sibyl.…read more

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O Disappointment: - Dorian is disappointed
with Sibyl. Basil and Harry are disappointed
with Dorian.
O Selfishness: - Dorian becomes more selfish
and doesn't seem to listen to Sibyl very
much, it takes him a while to realise that his
actions were wrong.…read more

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O This chapter is important because it is where
the painting first has a visible change. This is
where the painting represents Dorian's
conscience. This is the beginning of the
downward spiral for Dorian and the plot of
the story.…read more

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References to the
O In this chapter, Dorian first realises that the
painting has become uglier, while he has
stayed the same in appearance.…read more

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Key Quotes
O "But the picture? ... It taught him to love his
own beauty. Would it teach him to loathe its
own soul?" (page 79).
O "He had dreamed of her as a great artist, had
given his love to her because he thought her
great. Then she had disappointed him" (page
79).…read more


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