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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 3…read more

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What happens?
O Lord Henry goes to see his uncle George, wanting to know about Dorian's
O George explains that Dorian's grandfather is Lord Kelso, who he used to work
with George.
O Kelso's daughter, Lady Margaret Deveruex, who was beautiful.
O Margaret fell in love with and married a man who had a status that was far
below hers. Kelso tried to organise for his son-in-law to be killed.
O After this, Henry leaves to go to his Aunt's house but passes it because he was
in deep thought about Dorian.
O When he gets to his aunts house, the dining room is full of important people,
Dorian is also there. Henry charms everyone with his extravagant ideas.
O One of the others, invite Lord Henry to his house and Dorian insists that he
comes too, even though he is meant to be with Basil. Henry agrees.…read more

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O Influence: - Lord Henry wants to be able to
teach Dorian what his views are after finding
out more about Dorian's past.
O Sympathy: - we feel sorry for Dorian because
we learn that both his parents are dead and
how they met.
O Responsibility: - Harry starts to feel like he
has a sense of responsibility towards Dorian
and this feeling increases when he finds out
more about Dorian's past.…read more

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O This chapter was added later to the novel
maybe to make the reader feel sorry for
Dorian because of his past. Without this
chapter readers felt some sort of resentment
towards Dorian because of the homosexual
aspect of his feelings, considering this book
was written and published in Victorian times.…read more

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Key Quotes
O "He would seek to dominate him- had,
already, half done so. He would make that
wonderful spirit his own" (page 34).
O "I wish you would tell me how to become
young again" (page 37).
O "To get back one's youth, one merely has to
repeat one's follies" page 37).…read more


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