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`The Picture of
Dorian Gray'
Chapter 5…read more

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O Sibyl Vane tells her mother about her love for Dorian, but only
refers to him as `Prince Charming'. Mrs Vane becomes worried
about her daughter and their financial position-they owe money
to the theatre owner.
O James enters, Sibyl's brother, who is moving away because he is
a sailor. James is very protective and tells Mrs Vane to keep an
eye on Sibyl.
O James and Sibyl go on a walk and people stare at them because
of their opposites in appearances. James tells Sibyl to be careful
of this `Prince Charming' but Sibyl always protects him.
O When they return, James says to Mrs Vane that if this `Prince
Charming' does anything to hurt Sibyl then he will kill him.f…read more

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O Love: - Sibyl shows her love for Dorian in this
chapter because we see how fondly she talks
of him e.g. always referring to him as `Prince
Charming'. Also, there is the love that James
has for Sibyl.
O Protection: - James feels he has to protect
his sister and keep reminding his mother to
look after her.…read more

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O This is the only chapter that we learn about
Sibyl and her family life. It helps the reader
understand her better and feel sorry for her
because we learn that she is not from a
wealthy background.
O There is some foreshadowing in this chapter;
James promises that he will kill Dorian if he
brings harm to his sister. After Sibyl, James
goes after Dorian to attempt to kill him, but
he fails.…read more

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Key quotes
O "Children was very good, and would watch
over him. She would pray for him too, and in a
few years he would come back quite rich and
happy." (Page 58).
O "To see him is to worship him, to know him is
to trust him"(Page 59).…read more


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