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AQA GCSE Paper 1 Section B
Nuclear family…read more

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What is a family?
A family is a group of 2 or more people
associated by birth, cohabitation, marriage or
There are a variety of family types in Britain's
society today, some that have existed for centuries
and others emerging because of longer life
expectancy. A household is
different; it is when
people are living
together in a
domestic dwelling…read more

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Family Types
Extended Beanpole
(Horizontally) family
Lone-parent Extended
family (Vertically) family
Gay or
blended family
Empty nest Empty shell
family family…read more

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Spill the details
Nuclear family: Made up of an adult man & woman with their
dependent children- known as the `typical' family
Lone parent family: One parent and his or her dependant
children (usually from separation or divorce)
Horizontally extended family: Cousins or aunts living in the
same home as a family
Vertically extended family: Grandparents live with the family
Gay or lesbian family: A same sex couple with children from
adoption or previous relationships
Empty nest family: Originally nuclear families but the children
have grown up and left home
Reconstituted or blended families: When a new family is created
after a divorce through a second marriage creating
stepparents and stepsiblings
Beanpole family: When the number of children in the family has
steadily decreased whilst life expectancy increases.
Empty shell family: When the husband and wife no longer love
each other but occupy the same house and stay together for
the sake of their children.…read more

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Changing families
In the course of someone's life they will change family and
household types at least once in their life. This is known as
life course diversity
An individual has turning points in their life. These include:
Birth of a child
These change the living and family situation in which the
person lives in…read more

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Alternatives to the family
Families are not the only living situation in todays
society. Others include:
Commune: A large group of people, who may
not be related, living together and sharing jobs
and activities
Shared household: Living with people in a house
who are not related (i.e. university)
Singlehood: Living alone…read more

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