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AQA GCSE Paper 1 Section A…read more

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Society can be
defined as a group
of people who
share a culture
What is Sociology?
Sociology is the study of society. Sociologists look at how we
are influenced by society and how it shapes our daily lives. They
investigate and explain the social world and our behaviour
in it.
It is important to know a difference and similarity between
sociology, journalism, psychology and biology.
Sociology & Journalism Sociology & Psychology Sociology & Biology
Investigate same Study behaviour and Study human
issues carry out research behaviour
Journalists' research Psychologists focus Biologists look for
are less thorough and on one person rather biological rather than
systematic than a group of social reasons for
people behaviour…read more

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What themes do sociologists study?
Processes in society Issues that
that involve affect
Institutions interaction between communities,
that make up individuals, groups groups and
society. and institutions. people's lives.
Social Structures Social Processes Social Issues
Family systems Socialisation Quality of parenting
Education systems Learning Educational reform
Legal systems Labelling Teenage crime
Social stratification Discrimination Inequalities (class
system etc.)
Political system Exercise of power Participation…read more

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Just what are culture, norms and values?
Culture: The whole way of life of a particular society,
including the values, norms, customs, beliefs and language
Values: Ideas or beliefs of what is desirable and worth
striving for. These give us general guidelines of conduct
Norms: What is appropriate and expected in behaviour in
different settings. They provide order in society and allow it
to function smoooooothly. Mores are norms but stronger
The different
parts of the pig
represent cultural
diversity which is Pig of society Norms Values
the wide range of
between cultures…read more

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The way we learn the
culture and appropriate
behaviour (norms &
Socialization values) of the chosen
Primary Socialization is the socialization that takes place in
early childhood where we learn basic behaviour pattern,
language and skills for the future.
The agencies (groups/institutions) responsible for this are the family
and parents.
Secondary socialization takes place in later childhood and
continuous through our adult lives
There are many agencies responsible for this. Examples are the
mass media, schools and peer groups
Re-socialisation takes place when a new culture has to be
learnt…read more

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Research Planning Developing the
aims or/and
hypotheses of
The research process is the the research
systematic way sociologists
carry out their investigation
Evaluating the Carrying out pilot
project studies
The circle of life
is looking a bit
shabby Analysing the Selecting
compared to data samples
Collecting data…read more

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